Participation of nationals vital for ensuring feed security

Asmara, 29 December 2011- The active participation of nationals is decisive for raising agricultural production, ensuring food security, stated the head of the Agricultural Ministry’s branch office in the Central region, Mr. Abraham Daniel.

Speaking at the annual assessment meeting conducted in the Municipality Hall, he explained that as part of endeavors to promote sound ecology, tree seedlings have been planted in about 900 hectares. Other reforestation activities were also carried out in Asmara City and 28 villages of Serjeke sub-zone.

According to a report presented at the meeting cultivation has been carried out in around 27 thousand hectares in the Central region, and that satisfactory outcome has been registered, in addition to the construction of two micro-dams and 3 wells this year at a total expenditure of 15 million Nakfa.

As regards health of livestock, pertinent care has been made for 240 thousand livestock. It was further disclosed that the task of promoting natural resources and expanding use of smokeless oven, would be intensified in 2012.