Mother and child mortality rate shows significant decline in Gelalo sub-zone

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Gelalo, 30 April 2011 - Mother and child mortality rate in Gelalo sub-zone has been reduced by 70%, while diseases that could be prevented through vaccines dropped by 99% as a result of the expansion of health services and the continued pre-and post-delivery medical checkups on the part of mothers, stated Mr. Mulugeta Tareke, head of health center in the sub-zone.

He pointed out that prior to independence, there existed no health service in the sub-zone. At present, however, there are 5 health institutions along with the required health professionals thanks to the Government’s substantial investment to ensure public health.

The health institutions are providing service focusing on pre-and post-delivery care, in-patient and out-patient service, control and prevention of malaria and tuberculosis, counseling and advice service, HIV blood tests, child vaccines and prevention of communicable diseases, among others.

Noting that the spread of malaria infection has been controlled by 90%, Mr. Mulugeta stated that public awareness regarding various diseases, especially on the part of pregnant mothers is on the rise. As a result, no loss of human life has been witnessed during pregnancy and child delivery, he added.