Italy's initiatives during the phase of resumed fighting between Ethiopia and Eritrea

from Government of Italy
Published on 20 May 2000
The initiatives being undertaken by Italy during the current phase of resumed fighting between Ethiopia and Eritrea are part of a wider framework of operations that our country has long been carrying out to assist all the populations of the area.

Our Development Co-operation programmes for Ethiopia and Eritrea have provided assistance to rural areas and in the sectors of food, health, education and road infrastructure. The emergency operations focused on social-medical assistance and the provision of basic needs.

In particular, most recently, Italy has organised several humanitarian airlifts carrying high-protein products for children in the drought-stricken south of Ethiopia. A project has also been launched to assist the recovery of agricultural production in the worst-hit areas.

The action taken over recent days to help displaced people in Eritrea has focused on the mobilisation of food stuffs and basic necessities above all to assist the weakest sectors of the populations affected by the conflict, as well as to provide for their medical needs, in view among other things of the danger of epidemics breaking out.