Integrated effort to control TB prevalence in Central region

Asmara, 16 August 2016- Integrated effort is been exerted in the Central region to control the prevalence of TB and that the prevalence of the disease has been reduced by 90%, according to Sister Natsinet Gebreyohannes, coordinator of TB and Leprosy at the Ministry of Health branch in the region.

Sister Natsinet indicated that there are 10 health centers equipped with modern equipment and that the Ministry is fulfilling the requirement of the WHO that every year 80% of TB patients should be cured through proper medication.

As part of the efforts to control the occurrence of the communicable diseases in general and that of TB in particular 155 women have been provided training and have been providing services to the public dispatched in 16 sub-zones in the region and that commendable result has been registered.

Nurse Helen Yemane from Akria health center said that TB affects people residing in condensed areas and called on the public to keep their environment clean.