Inhabitants of Dirfo area engage in soil and water conservation activities with a view to enriching underground water resource

from Government of Eritrea
Published on 25 Mar 2014 View Original

Asmara, 25 March 2014 – The inhabitants of Dirfo administrative area, Akria sub-zone, are engaged in soil and water conservation undertaking with a view to enriching underground water resource and preventing soil erosion through stepped-up communal participation.

Among the irrigation farmers of the area, Mr. Omer Mohammed-Kier, Mr. Keleta Asmerom and Ms. Halima Seid indicated that higher communal awareness prevails to this end, and expressed conviction that the initiative would make significant impact as regards raising underground water capacity.

Mr. Omer Ibrahim, Administrator of the area, noted the vitality of underground water reserve in connection with improvement of communal livelihood, and lauded the active popular participation being demonstrated in the process.

Mr. Kesete Gebregergish, soil and water conservation expert in charge of the undertaking’s follow-up, and Mr. Michael Abraha, Head of the Agriculture Ministry’s branch in Asmara sub-zone, said that the inhabitants have been engaged in construction of water catchment walls in collaboration with the Ministry. Moreover, a financial contribution of 100,000 Nakfa which was made available to the venture by the Association of Vegetable Farmers in Asmara gave added impetus to the community-led initiative, they added.