Improved maternity service in Barentu sub-zone

Barentu, 16 February 2017- Nurse Temesgen Berhe, head of Barentu healthcare center, explained that the number of pregnant women who have been provided with efficient maternity service has been increasing along with the expansion of healthcare facilities.

Nurse Temesgen, further elaborated that the healthcare center has been offering pediatric service to children below 5 years of age, prenatal and postnatal service to pregnant women, voluntary blood test for HIV/AIDS as well as counseling service related to reproductive health.

Parallel to the expansion of services, Barentu healthcare service has been playing significant role in alleviating workloads that may occur in Barentu referral hospital.

The beneficiaries of the healthcare service that has been offered in the medical center said that concerted actions need to be taken to combat traditional challenges that may negatively impact women's well-being.