Heavy rainfall in Massawa and its environs cause human and property loss

from Government of Eritrea
Published on 27 Dec 2012 View Original

Massawa, 27 December 2012 – Heavy rainfall in the port city of Massawa and its environs, namely Emberemi, Hirgigo and Dogoli has caused big human and property loss at dawn yesterday.

Reports indicated that 8 people and 20 livestock died from the calamity in Emberemi area, while one national went missing after falling into a river gush. Besides, the disaster completely destroyed 30 houses in Hitumlo and Amatere areas of the port city, as an overflow of Segedeli River washed away 7 livestock and 3 houses in Hirgigo area.

Meanwhile, similar amount of rain showers in Ginda town have caused considerable damage on households and various infrastructures. Agricultural sites in the Administrative areas of Gahtelai, Demas, Shebah, Metkel-Abet, Adi-Shuma, She’ib and Gadim-Halieb have also been affected by flood overflows.