Heavy rainfall causes flooding in Haikota sub-zone

from Government of Eritrea
Published on 09 Aug 2013 View Original

Haikota, 09 August 2013 – Reports indicated that heavy rainfall and the damaging of a major diversion canal in Hashenkit area have caused flooding on the 5th of this month in Haikota sub-zone, thus giving rise to the destruction of 20 residential houses and the washing away of property.

Among the inhabitants, Mr. Mohammed Kerar and Ms. Letemichael Asgedom pointed out that the area has been witnessing fool river floods since the end of July in line with the consistency of heavy rains, and called on the inhabitants in general and herdsmen in particular to practice caution in this connection.

Accordingly, the timing of the flood which occurred at night was a disadvantage for the inhabitants in case of the efforts made to save property.

Mr. Tadese Negash from the Public Technique Service Center in Gash-Barka region disclosed that the available machineries were deployed in the rescuing endeavor.

Mr. Adem Humed, Administrator of Haikota semi-urban center, called for immediate renovation of the destroyed diversion canal, and advised the residents to be vigilant in case of similar incident in the future as heavy showers may continue.