GIEWS Country Brief: Eritrea 22-March-2013



  • Pastoral livelihood systems in coastal areas received unsatisfactory “bahri” rainfall

Unfavourable “bahri” rains affect pastoralists in coastal areas

The “bahri” short rainy season, normally extending from November to February, is particularly important for pastoral livelihood systems in coastal areas. According to earth observation data and estimates, despite a favourable onset to the 2012/13 “bahri” season in November 2012, rains were generally unsatisfactory in South and North Red Sea regions. Below average amounts and an early cessation at the end of January 2013 were observed.

The 2013 “azmera” short rainy season (March to May) is about to start in the highlands. The performance of this season is important in providing soil moisture for land preparation and planting of the long-cycle crops (maize, sorghum and millet) which are traditionally harvested by November.