GIEWS Country Brief: Eritrea 13-January-2012

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  • Improving pasture conditions in northern coastal areas

Good “bahri” rains improve pasture in northern coastal areas

By the end of November, the “bahri” short rainy season started in coastal areas and abundant precipitations in December have improved pasture and forage availability, particularly in the North Red Sea region.

Harvesting of 2011 main “kiremti” season cereal and pulse crops is normally completed in November/December. According to satellite based monitoring, the onset of 2011 “kremti” rainy season (June-September) was delayed by more than one month, with first significant rainfall falling only by mid-July. Precipitations were well above average in August, improving crop yields and pasture conditions in agricultural areas of Anseba, Maekel, Debub and parts of Gash Barka regions.

No current data (official or otherwise) is available on the food security situation and food price levels in the country. However, given the high dependence of the country on imports, current high international fuel and food prices are expected to negatively impact on the overall food security situation of vulnerable people.