Gash-Barka region: over 3,400 Eritrean families return to native villages

Barentu, 22 May 2007 - More than 3,400 Eritrean families who were displaced as a result of the TPLF regime's war of aggression have returned to their native villages and other areas.

Accordingly, over 2,000 returnees from Golij, Tebeldiya, Gergef, Sabunait, Tessenei and other areas have been resettled in Omhajer, Ayterf and its surroundings. Similarly, 928 families from Adi-Baare makeshift camp in Shambuko sub-zone returned to Binbina, Adi-Maelel and Tologumja, while 498 families have resettled in Anagulu, Barentu sub-zone.

Meanwhile, 1,000 families who used to stay in the Gerset area, specifically in the villages of Tabra, Kerses, Asona, Adi-Hiyab and Adi-Jemal have now been rehabilitated in a secure area.

In a related report, over 1,200 families who were displaced due to the TPLF invasion and who were expelled from Tigray are now leading their lives in Golij sub-zone after being rehabilitated.