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Ethiopia Places Top Priority on Peace

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ADDIS ABABA (Dec. 7) XINHUA - Ethiopia has been displaying its patience to prevent war and to bring sustainable peace, local media quoted the country's Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin as saying Tuesday.

In an interview with the quarterly magazine Merewa, Seyoum said that Ethiopia's patience to resolve its conflict with Eritrea peacefully emanated from the firm belief of the Ethiopian people and government.

Peace is the top priority of Ethiopia because the country has set out plans to fight poverty and backwardness, he said, adding that it is through peaceful means that humanitarian and economic destruction could have been prevented.

Ethiopia, which has been at war with neighboring Eritrea since May 1998, vows to recover all the territories occupied by Eritrea in the border conflict. Enditem 07/12/99 17:46 GMT

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