Eritrea: Projects worth over 500 million Nakfa implemented in Southern region

News and Press Release
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Mendefera, 2 June 2007 - Project worth over 500 million Nakfa have been implemented in the Southern Region over the last 19 months, according to Mr. Mustafa Nurhussein, Administrator of the region. The projects include roads, water diversion schemes, micro-dams and potable water supply.

Mr. Mustafa said that so far, 414km.-long roads have been constructed and repaired while 35 km.-long road is under construction. He further stated that a big bridge has been constructed on Mai-Tsebri River in Mai-Mine sub-zone.

As regards potable water supply, hand pump, solar energized and motorized facilities have been put in place. Besides, embankments were constructed in 122 villages, water pipelines and other facilities installed in 6 towns last year, Mr. Mustafa added. The Administrator added that plans have been drawn up to alleviate the problem of potable water supply in 58 villages this year.

Moreover, 24 medium and 6 large micro-dams have been constructed and 6 others repaired that could irrigate 1,260 hectares and thus promote food security. Over 8 medium-sized micro-dams that could cultivate 146 hectares have also been constructed, and some of them are under construction.

In addition, water diversion schemes that could cultivate 7,600 hectares have been built in 6 areas and 61 embankments constructed with a capacity of holding over 2 million cubic meters that would render service to about 13,000 inhabitants.