Eritrea: Monthly Food Security Outlook Sep 2003

Situation Report
Originally published

The overall rainfall situation in August was good, except in some sub zobas of Anseba, Maekel and Debub that received only 1-15 mm. of rainfall during the third dekad.

The Drought Monitoring Center in Nairobi issued the climate outlook for September -December and normal to below normal is expected in the summer rain receiving areas of Eritrea.

Crop development was normal in August except that towards the end of the month hail storms damaged around 2,000 Has. of food crops in zoba Maekel and Debub. Some sub zobas show poor development of vegetation during the month and close follow up is recommended as they could face a crop failure.

The grazing areas did not show great development during August. Improvements are expected during September.

The results of the Interim Crop Assessment were released, indicating an expected harvest of around 210,000 MT of food crops (equivalent to 34% of the national requirements) provided that rainfall continues in September. Harvest is expected to start in October.

No information on livestock numbers has been released by the Interim Assessment team.

Prices of staple food show a moderate increase in August when compared to the previous two months but there is a significant increase when compared to one year before. The government has in place subsidized distribution of wheat, flour and sorghum to protect the purchasing capacity of the consumers.

Food aid distribution continues as planned while more pledges are still expected to cover the needs towards the end of the year.

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