Eritrea: Micro-dam under construction in Hagaz sub-zone

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Hagaz, 6 November 2008 - A micro-dam with a capacity of holding about 65,000 cubic meters of water is under construction in Harestai, Hagaz sub-zone, at an expenditure of over 1.2 million Nakfa.

Mr. Idris Abdalla, head of economic development in the sub-zone, stated that the construction of the micro-dam would play significant role in easing potable water supply problems the local inhabitants are encountering. He pointed out that over 70% of the project has already been finalized and that the necessary machineries and materials have been deployed so as to accomplish the remaining task soon.

Reports indicated that the local inhabitants are actively engaged in the construction of water catchments and embankments in a bid to prevent the micro-dam from excessive flooding. Harestai which lies along the Keren-Hagaz route is one of the newly flourishing urban centers.