Eritrea: Hazemo crop fields show positive signs

Crop fields of corn, sorghum and buckwheat that have been cultivated over 5,276 hectares of land on the Hazemo plains and environs are showing positive signs, according to reports from the Ministry of Agriculture branch in the Tsorona district.

The ministry's branch head there, Mr. Solomon Meles said the Azmera rains witnessed in the area in the past two months have been encouraging and that 5,276 hectares from a total of 7,980 hectares have been cultivated. 30 government-owned and another 14 private tractors have been employed in the project.

Apart from the types of crops that grow in the Azmera season, the cultivation of taff has also begun over an extensive agricultural area. Reports indicate that 500 hectares of land has been reserved for the cultivation of chickpeas.

Meanwhile, a new dam constructed in a village called Kudoweiba in the environs of Tsorona, Southern Zone was inaugurated on July 13. The dam that has already become operational has a capacity of holding 80 thousand cubic meters of waters.

The public relations office of the Southern Region administration reported that the construction of the dam had been completed through four months of hard work by district residents.

The new dam is expected to help cultivate 50 hectares of agricultural land beneath it.

During the inauguration of the dam, administrator of the Southern Desk, Mr. Berhane Antonios commended participants of the campaign for effective work carried out, furthermore calling on other village to follow suit.