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Eritrea: Facts and figures 2015

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The ICRC opened its delegation in Eritrea in 1998 and worked throughout the 1998-2000 armed conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia and beyond, protecting and assisting people affected by the conflict.

Below is an overview of the ICRC's work in Eritrea during 2015.

  • 1,500 Red Cross Messages messages distributed and answers collected throughout the year to re-establish and maintain contact and exchange family news.

  • 3,438 Ethiopian nationals living in Eritrea who have faced economic constraints to renew their Eritrean residence permit benefited from financial support.

  • 3,110,000 animals treated, including shoats, cattle, donkeys and camels, in Gash Barka, Northern Red Sea, Debub and Anseba throughout the year.

  • 448,990 people whose livelihoods largely depend on the health and productiveness of their animals benefited from this treatment programme.

  • 49,000 people and their dependents benefited from access to clean water in their villages.

  • 18 Eritrean national authorities represented from ministries of Foreign Affairs, Justice, Defense, Information and Health in Asmara attended an IHL seminar.