Eritrea: Effective implementation of envisaged program imperative for boosting agricultural production, says Minister

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Massawa, 26 December 2009 - In the course of a visit to 4 sub-zones of the Northern Red Sea region to observe the development of agricultural infrastructure, the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Arefaine Berhe, said that making the necessary preparations for the effective implementation of envisaged programs have a major role to play in raising productivity,

He observed a water diversion scheme under construction around the Laba River through Roddab Construction Company at a cost of 30 million Nakfa aimed at cultivating 1,500 hectares in She'ib-Ketin through diverting river waters flowing from the highlands. The Minister also visited the select seed sorghum cultivation in Bises for experimental purposes which is yielding promising outcome.

Also in the course of a tour to the sub-zones of Foro, Ginda and Afabet, Mr. Arefaine observed the sorghum and corn farming being cultivated by the Kebessa and Bahri rains, during which he exchanged views with experts on ways of preventing soil erosion and putting in place embankments.

The Minister further stressed the need for coordinated endeavors on the part of the Agriculture Ministry, administrative bodies and the farming community so as to effectively harness the available rich resources in the region, besides boosting output.

Commending the Government's vigorous efforts toward achieving food security and improving the people's standard of living, the farmers in the area stated that the land re-allotment scheme undertaken in the region would make due contribution in raising productivity.