Eritrea: Durko dam being reconstructed

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By Staff

Mendefera, 1 February 2006 - Durko dam which was destroyed in last year's heavy rains is now being reconstructed at a cost of 10 million Nakfa. Previously, the dam was serving for irrigation and drinking purposes over the past 20 years.

The dam that is now being reconstructed on different site by Bidho Construction Company would have a capacity of holding 635,000 cubic meters of water.

The head of the project, Mr. Beletsom Embaye, said that it is progressing well and is expected to be finalized after 4 months. He also said that the holding capacity of the dam would be doubled. Upon the completion of the project, Durko dam is expected to facilitate irrigation farming on 40 hectares.

Reports from the area indicated that the local inhabitants are taking active role in the undertaking. The inhabitants commended the Government's initiatives.