Eritrea: Dekmehare farmers undertake construction of water diversion schemes

Dekmehare, 28 April 2007 - Administration of the Dekemhare sub zone called on farmers of Keih-Kore district administration to make preparations and utilize the ongoing construction and renovation of water diversion schemes in the area.

The administration further noted that farmers of the district should construct terraces and develop their farmland so as to ensure food security and that great deal of outcome could be achieved in their respective vicinities.

Moreover, reports indicated that the water diversion, which has been developing around 300 hectares of farmland, has been playing its due role in enhancing the amount of underground water reserve of the district.

Water facilities engineer in the branch office of the ministry of agriculture Dekemhare sub zone, Mr. Amanuel Fishaye pointed out that 50 % of the ongoing activity has been finalized thus far and that efforts are being stepped up to complete the remaining task before the upcoming rainy season.

Similarly, Mr. Amanuel indicated that a water diversion facility that has been out of use was fully renovated.

Members of the EDF who took part in the ongoing work campaigns expressed their happiness in helping out inhabitants of the area in enhancing their living standards.

The Keih-Kore Water Diversion Scheme was built in 1996 and has been renovated several times.