Eritrea: Dam renovated and three water reservoirs constructed

Gedem, 16 November 2007 - A dam has been renovated and three water reservoirs constructed in Gedem, Northern Red Sea region, at a cost of 4 million Nakfa.

The manager of the project, Eng. Habte Teklehaimanot, indicated that following the renovation and expansion task, the dam's water holding capacity has been increased from 96,000 cubic meters to 150,000 cubic meters.

Members of the Eritrean Naval Force took active participation in the renovation of the dam which is expected to provide potable water to the inhabitants of Rashamas, Lahazien, Gedem and Geblalo along with their cattle.

Moreover, 3 water reservoirs have been constructed in the Rashamas locality with a capacity of holding a total of 73,000 cubic meters. Eng. Habte said that the newly implemented projects would ease the problem of potable water supply in these localities.