Eritrea: Appeal No. MAAER001 Report 2006-2007


This report covers the period of 01/01/2006 to 31/12/2006 of a two-year planning and appeal process.

In a world of global challenges, continued poverty, inequity, and increasing vulnerability to disasters and disease, the International Federation with its global network, works to accomplish its Global Agenda, partnering with local community and civil society to prevent and alleviate human suffering from disasters, diseases and public health emergencies.

In brief

Programme Summary: Capacity building activities in the organizational development programme were partially achieved due to lack of sufficient funding. The International Federation made concerted efforts to promote the recognition of the Red Cross Society of Eritrea (RCSE) by holding meetings with high level government authorities.

Initiatives towards scaling up the capacity of the National Society to implement water and sanitation projects have made a progress. All the necessary documentation related to the African, Caribbean Pacific - European Union (ACP-EU) Water Facility support for the rural water and sanitation project was prepared and the project was scheduled to take off in January 2007.

With the support of the International Federation, the National Society's water projects were carried out as part of the drought operation which was closed in October 2006. Bilaterally-supported programmes of RCSE including the community-based health development programme, disaster management, Humanitarian Values and re-establishment of family links were fully implemented.

The RCSE was able to conduct its humanitarian activities and is considered a major humanitarian actor especially in provision of life saving services (ambulance and first aid), community capacity building and mobilization and recruitment of volunteers. With respect to creating visibility of the RCSE and the Movement, four dissemination campaigns were organized namely: the 2006 Fenkil Festival in Massawa; World Red Cross/Red Crescent Day; 2006 Eritrea Festival and Youth Festival held in Sawa.

The National Society successfully negotiated long-term partnerships (3-5 years) with the Danish, Netherlands and Norwegian Red Cross societies in community-based health, HIV and AIDS as well as capacity building. RCSE was also awarded the ACP-EU Water Facility grant amounting to EUR 2.9 million. This rural water and sanitation project is being implemented in coordination with the Austrian, Danish and Netherlands Red Cross societies.

Goal: The Red Cross Society of Eritrea is a well-functioning national society, recognized by all and operates within the framework of Strategy 2010.

Needs: Total 2006-2007 Budget CHF 3,105,833 (USD 2,554,138 or EUR 1,917,180), out of which 124.7 per cent covered.

For more detailed information on the 2006 activities, please see Programme Update 1 and 2:

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No. of people we help: During the Red Cross Society of Eritrea's emergency drought operation which was closed in October 2006/, 40,000 beneficiaries received a total of 2,520 metric tonnes (MT) of wheat, 180 MT of lentils, 144 MT of vegetable oil and 12 MT of salt.

Our Partners: Eritrean ministries of Health, Labour and Human Welfare, the British Government's Department for International Development (DFID), the Austrian, Danish, Finnish and Netherlands Red Cross societies and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).