Eritrea: A 9 million Nakfa institution for social services inaugurated in Molque sub zone

Molque, 28 April 2007 - A nine million Nakfa health station, water facility project and educational centers have been inaugurated and commenced rendering services in the sub zone of Molque, Gash Barka region. Head of engineering and project administration services branch of the Gash Barka region, Eng. Idris Ibrahim noted that the projects were facilitated in the township of Molque and four administrative districts of the sub zone.

Eng. Idris further noted that the health station that is built in the administrative district of Mai-Dogali is expected to provide services to over 10,000 inhabitants of the area.

Addressing the inhabitants during the event, head of PFDJ branch of the region, Mr. Rezene Adonay noted that the government is exerting vigorous efforts to promote social services in remote areas and called on the people to take good care of the provisions they receive.

Administrator of the Molque sub zone, Mr. Tikabo Sium also noted that various developmental activities have been undertaken in the past years.