Endeavors underway in Megawda Administrative area with a view to securing adequate potable water supply

from Government of Eritrea
Published on 17 Apr 2013 View Original

Mensura, 17 April 2013 – A micro-dam is being constructed in Megawda Administrative area, Mensura sub-zone, with a view to securing adequate potable water supply for livestock and humans.

Mr. Mehari Gebrekristos, coordinator of the undertaking, pointed out that the greater portion of the process has been accomplished, and that it is expected to impound ample volume of water during the rainy season. The fact that it is located within a grazing area gives the undertaking added importance, he added.

Mr. Woldeyesus Gebrai, head of the Agriculture Ministry’s branch in the sub-zone, explained that the local inhabitants have been wandering from place to place looking for water supply for livestock, and that the micro-dam can meet supply for around 40,000 livestock upon full capacity.

Likewise, Mr. Mohammed Woela from the area Administration said that development programs being implemented in remote areas have made positive impact as regards improving the livelihood of people, and called on the local inhabitants to enhance participation to this end.

Among the inhabitants, Mr. Mohammed Ahmed and Mr. Al-Amin Saleh Mine expressed appreciation for such government initiative, and asserted that they would step up participation in the venture.