Emberemi water pipeline project finalizes

Massawa, 16 June 2916- The infrastructure office of the Massawa administration indicated that the construction of the Emberemi water pipeline and water reservoir project has been finalized. That was disclosed at an assessment meeting conducted in the port city of Massawa on 14 June.

Reports of the administration also indicate that in the past six months, one water reservoir has been constructed in Sigalet Ketan to water the trees in the area and entertainment center built at Edaga area.

The administrator of the city, Mr. Kidane Woldeselasie indicated that the hospital and other health facilities put in place in the city are making significant contribution in ensuring the health of the mothers and children, family planning, as well as controlling the prevalence of communicable diseases.

With regards to education, Mr. Kidane underlined that commendable achievements have been registered in reducing school dropouts, developing participatory and sincere approach in motivating teachers, fostering discipline, organizing training programs as well as building schools in remote areas of the region and strengthening the relations between teachers, parents and students.

It was also disclosed that putting in place and replacing electricity lines, organizing training programs for the members of the administration, follow-up of the situations of the regrouped villages, developing domestic tourism as well as development of public libraries are among the future activities of the city administration.