Efficient Healthcare service in Ashara

Keren, 14 February 2017- Owing to concerted prevention actions so far taken in Ashara administrative area, Hagaz sub-zone, the prevalence of malaria, has in 2016 declined by 10% as compared to that of 2015.

According to Sister Senbetu Ghebrat, head of Healthcare center in Ashera administrative area, prevalence of various communicable diseases has substantially declined while prenatal and antenatal services has shown commendable progress.

Community based environmental sanitation programs that have been implemented in all villages of the administrative area has played significant role in the reduction as well as eradication of various diseases.

Sister Senbetu further said that provision of healthcare service has been improved along with the introduction of new healthcare facilities and called on the residents of the area to make maximum use of the facilities currently available in their vicinity.

The residents of the area on their part expressed satisfaction as regards the efficient healthcare service they are being provided and called for the sustainability of healthcare related awareness raising seminars.