Dams in Nakfa sub-zone impound adequate water

Massawa, 05 September 2016- Mr. Ali Edris Beshir, administrator of Nakfa sub-zone, said that dams constructed in post independence period have been playing significant role in solving deficit of potable water and in the development of vegetables farms.

Commending to the active involvement of the public in the construction of the dams, Mr. Edris said that 45 dams constructed in the past four years in the administrative areas of Bakla and Mariet have impounded adequate amount of water and thus making due contrition in the improvement of people's living standards.

Mr. Salih Umiera and Mr. Ali Mohammed-Abdela, administrators of Bakla and Mariet administrative areas respectively on their part said that preparation to construction of dams in Rora-Keyah and Beles villages have already been finalized.

Similarly, the residents of the two administrative areas expressed satisfaction that they now have access to potable water for themselves and for their livestock and thus thanks to the construction of the dams they are looking ahead to make use of the already impounded water for agriculture and other development undertakings.

Mariet is situated 32 km to North West of Nakfa while Bakla is located 35 km to the West of Nakfa.