Crop cultivation in Emni-Tselim Administrative area at stage of harvest

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Debarwa, 28 September 2012 – Farmers in Emni-Tselim Administrative area, Debarwa sub-zone, stated that various crops put under cultivation in the locality have approached the stage of harvest. Pointing out that the crops due to be harvested include maize, bean, pea, wheat and the like, they indicated that cereals such as taff have started to ripen.

Among the inhabitants, Ms. Teberh Hagos, Ms. Selamawit Fisehaye and Mr. Haile Ogbatsion explained that the expected bountiful harvest could be attained thanks to the community’s hard work and the commendable amount of rainfall since Spring season. They further voiced conviction that such an accomplishment has significant input to the national endeavor of ensuring food security.