Central region: 96% of antenatal immunization coverage

Asmara, 17 August 2016- In line with the efforts that have been exerted to upgrade maternal and child care, the Ministry of Health has secured a coverage of 96 % of prenatal immunization in the Central region.

Sister Dehab Solomon, head of Family and Community Health Unit at the MoH branch in the Central region, said that coordination and implementation of immunization programs, follow ups in children and health of the youth, child nutrition and providing consultations in reproductive health have been among the main tasks of the unit. Awareness raising seminars that have been regularly conducted has now registered commendable results, Sister Dehab explained.

According to Sister Dehab, 15 out of the overall 34 healthcare institutions in the Central region ARE rendering maternity service and thus have been playing significant role towards preventing complications that may occur during delivery.

The Central region, according to Suster Dehab, regulate immunization programs are being conducted against measles, polio, TV, Tetanus, hepatitis, diarrhea among other diseases.