Call made to step-up integrated efforts aimed at ensuring food security

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Massawa, 22 December 2013- At an assessment meeting conducted from 19 to 20 December in Massawa, Ms. Tsegereda Woldegergis, Administrator of Northern Red Sea region, called on all concerned institutions to step-up integrated efforts for the success of development programs aimed at ensuring food security.

According to the reports presented by line ministries branches and organizations it was disclosed that commendable health services are being provided, 24 thousands of bed nets have been distributed, successful polio vaccinations have been conducted, and 52 villages have become beneficiaries of toilets.

In a bid to alleviate water shortage, micro-dams have been built in Agra, Nariet and Bakla, and a water well in Sheib-Gedged, drip irrigation system for watering temperate fruits has been installed in Nakfa, water distribution tubes in Gahtelai, Aget, Zula, Afta and Gelel-Inde have been renovated, and that 65% of the population in the region have become beneficiaries of potable water.

With regards to distribution of education, 12 schools have been built for citizens leading nomadic life, elementary schools in Fro, Afabet, Gelalo, Karora, Massawa and Dahlak have been upgraded to junior high schools while junior high schools in Afabet and Gelalo to high school, and that school enrollment has increased.

Moreover reports indicate that more than 10 thousand temperate fruits have been planted in Nakfa and Ginda, underground dams in Mai-Habar and Ginda.

The Administrator also indicated that priority is being given for water and soil conservation, expanding information system, exploiting tourism resources, increasing school enrollment especially that of women, distribution of transportation, electricity and water, as well as construction of houses.