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Austrian doctors perform surgeries

Asmara, 11 December 2015 - A team of 14 Austrian doctors are performing surgeries for patients with urinary tract infections at the Orota National Referral Hospital. The medical interventions also include the treatment of children afflicted with kidney ailments.

Dr. Habteab Mehari, Director of the National Referral Hospital, told Erina News that the current medical support given by the 14-member ARCHEMED medical team is a continuation of similar services rendered over the past 12 years.

Prof. Riccasona Bona, the Head of the team, asserted that the group has given medical treatment to over three thousand children in periodic visits to the country in the past 12 years. Prof. Josef Oswald, another member of ARCHEMED, explained that collaborative work with Eritrean medical doctors has been vital for exchanging experiences and best practices.