Anti-polio vaccination campaign underway in the Central and Northern Red Sea regions

from Government of Eritrea
Published on 21 Nov 2013 View Original

Asmara, 21 November 2013 – Anti-polio vaccination campaign is being conducted in the Central and Northern Red Sea regions.

The launching of the campaign in the Central region was conducted yesterday in the presence of Ms. Amna Nur-Hussein, Minister of Health, and the Administrator of the region, Mr. Kahsai Gebrehiwet.

Accordingly, the immunization venture in the Central region would continue until the 24th of this month on the basis of 115 stations, some of them involving outreach service.

Mr. Habte Gebremeskel, head of promotions in the Health Ministry, advised the inhabitants to instantly report to health institutions in case of illness in children less than 15 years of age manifesting paralysis, besides calling on parents to immunize children aged below 5 years.

Among the inhabitants, Ms. Yosan Melles and Ms. Fatima Jabir explained that instances of cases in connection with child mortality and disability have witnessed visible decline thanks to the government’s bold and sound intervention, and called on fellow inhabitants to extend a helping hand in the process.

Meanwhile, Mr. Solomon Kelifa from the Health Ministry’s branch in the Northern Red Sea region stated that the campaign has gained momentum in all Administrative areas involving a total of 187 well-staffed stations and 240 volunteers. He went on to disclose that more than 85,000 children are expected to be vaccinated in the region.