Active popular participation in the rehabilitation of volcanic eruption victims attests to noble Eritrean cultural values: Report

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Assab, 22 October 2012 – The Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare’s branch in the Southern region said that the active popular participation demonstrated in the process of rehabilitating volcanic eruption victims in the region attests to the noble Eritrean cultural values. It made the statement at an assessment meeting during which the material loss from the disaster is estimated to be around 61 million Nakfa, and that the role of government bodies and EDF members was commendable in the rehabilitation of the victims.

Reports presented at the meeting also indicated that various health-oriented efforts were accomplished regarding doing away with the health impact of volcanic ashes, in addition to the putting in place of social service facilities for the casualties.

The process of rescuing and rehabilitating the victims was one instance of the prevalence of Eritrean cultural values, Mr. Ali Mahmoud, the Administrator of Southern Red Sea region underscored.

Mr. Mohammed Habir, head of the Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare’s branch in the region, disclosed that 746 families have been rehabilitated on the basis of livestock at a total expenditure of 7.4 million Nakfa.

Among the casualties, Mr. Bululus Ahaw and Mr. Mohammed Ahmed lauded the government’s commitment and the charitable nature of fellow citizens demonstrated in this regard.