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A year of disasters: Accountability report 2005

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The year that began on December 26, 2004, has been like no other. On that day, as the aftermath of the Indian Ocean Tsunami unfolded for millions of survivors and a horrified world, something seemed to have changed. As shocked as we were at the worst nature had to offer, our hearts were also warmed by the best of human kindness. Hundreds of donations and other offers of assistance poured in to Mercy Corps headquarters in the immediate hours after the disaster. Over the days that followed, those numbers multiplied into the tens of thousands.

Timely donations and other assistance from individuals, businesses, schools, churches and foundations fueled Mercy Corps' tsunami response in India, Indonesia, Somalia and Sri Lanka from the first critical hours following the disaster. That outpouring of generosity is still serving survivors today, nearly a year later.

Unfortunately, in the months that followed the tsunami, four additional disasters have left families vulnerable in their wake. Hurricanes Katrina and Stan, a food crisis in Niger and, most recently, an earthquake in Pakistan have affected millions of people and created urgent needs for food, shelter and other critical assistance. Mercy Corps donors stepped up heroically for each of these crises. As it had for the tsunami, rapid giving allowed Mercy Corps to mount a quick, effective response for families in need.

This accountability report outlines Mercy Corps' emergency response over the past year, focusing on program strategy, accomplishments, financial accountability and our vision for future efforts. We feel it is critical to report back to the people who make our work possible with a clear account of what their support has achieved. We thank all our donors for their extraordinary commitment, especially over the past year. Your contributions have delivered help and hope to millions. Recovery from these crises will take years, not months - but, in partnership with our donors, Mercy Corps will stand with families until the job is done.

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