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Update: USAID assistance to Central America and Mexico hurricane victims


WASHINGTON, DC - The 2005 Atlantic hurricane season brought an unprecedented 13 hurricanes, of which two, Stan and Beta, along with Tropical Storm Gamma, devastated parts of Central America and Southern Mexico. The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has contributed more than $14 million to these countries in relief and reconstruction aid. Through USAID and the Department of Defense, the total U.S. Government contribution to the affected region has been more than $21 million to the affected areas, including Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras.

USAID's contributions include the following


- In early October, Tropical Storm Stan killed 669 and affected approximately 475,000 people.

- USAID has provided more than $10 million in humanitarian assistance for relief items, airlifts, helicopter support, emergency activities, food aid and reconstruction.


- In October, two hurricanes hit Mexico, killing 23 people and impacting more than 2 million people.

- USAID has provided $600,000 for the purchase of relief items. In addition, USAID has provided $50,000 to help 200 farmers recover from damage in time to harvest this year's crop.

El Salvador

- Two simultaneous emergencies - severe flooding from Tropical Storm Stan and the eruption of the Santa Ana Volcano - killed 69 people and initially displaced 26,000 people.

- USAID provided $200,000 to purchase relief supplies and to facilitate emergency relief activities. USAID is providing $400,000 for food aid and $500,000 to finance small scale infrastructure improvements.


- In late October, Hurricane Beta flooded the northeastern departments of the country displacing thousands. In mid-November, Tropical Storm Gamma killed 32 people and forced the evacuation of 30,000 in the northern departments.

- USAID provided more than $500,000 for the purchase and distribution of relief supplies, helicopter fuel to transport relief items, and locally contracted relief flights.


- In October, flooding from Tropical Storm Stan and Hurricane Beta severely affected thousands.

- In response to both disasters, USAID provided a total of nearly $500,000 for relief supplies, helicopter fuel, air support, and a locally contracted helicopter.

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