Partners of the Americas appeals for help responding to Salvador Quake

from Partners of the Americas
Published on 06 Feb 2001

Partners of the Americas (Partners) has launched an appeal to help Salvadorans help themselves to rebuild after the January 13 quake. Partners chapters in El Salvador, Louisiana, Honduras and Guatemala are banding together with their communities and other NGOs to respond to local needs. We have disaster experts working on the ground in hard hit areas. As a people-to-people organization with a 35 year history in El Salvador, Partners is focusing on short-term relief for under served areas with an eye towards developing longer-term strategies. Our 15 years of experience working directly in disaster preparedness throughout Central America make Partners one of the most experienced organizations on the scene.
The 7.6 on the Ricther Scale quake was devastating. News of further damage to outlaying villages comes in daily. As of January 18, the Washington Post reported that 700 bodies had been recovered with several hundred more missing and presumed dead. More than 46,000 survivors are homeless. Medical services are stretched beyond capacity.

Partners Response


  • Partners of the Americas secretariat is serving as a conduit for donations to Salvadoran counterparts and will seek federal/corporate funding for future reconstruction/emergency preparedness programs in El Salvador.
  • Several groups of 20 to 30 youth volunteers from the Honduran Conservation Corps are preparing to assist with reconstruction efforts in El Salvador.
  • The Louisiana chapter has 2 Medical Assistance and Emergency Preparedness teams set up for travel to El Salvador to work in delivery of health care and work with communities and NGOs on future needs.
  • Partners of the Americas, the Cooperative Housing Foundation, and Mercy Corps are coordinating and implementing joint efforts in Usulután concerning aid distribution and rebuilding.

  • Partners has a formal program in community disaster preparedness in a hard hit area of El Salvador: Usulután. The province governor has asked us to assist in coordinating response efforts throughout Usulután, including managing recovery teams, damage assessment, shelters and medical services.

How You Can Help:

Your donation will assist El Salvador rebuild by helping to deploy volunteer teams, providing materials for work brigades and help families access assistance. For those interested in making a contribution, please make checks payable to Partners of the Americas and mail to: Partners, El Salvador Earthquake Fund, 1424 K Street NW #700, Washington, DC 20005

Please contact the following Partners members for more information on how you can help!

In El Salvador:

Sra. Dora Cristina de Escalante
Chapter President
Urbanización Alfa No. 6, KM 2 ½
Carretera Planes de Renderos
San Salvador, El Salvador
(H) (503) 270-1084
(W) (503) 298-0889 (Partners)
(W) (503) 223-9265
(FAX) (503) 245-1384

In Louisiana:

Mr. Walter S. Smith, Jr.
Chapter President
P. O. Box 165
Slaughter, LA 70777
(H/FAX) (225) 658-2463
(W) (225) 389-3857

In Washington:

Barbara Bloch or Julie Ríos
1424 K St. #700 NW
Washington D.C. 20005
(Phone) 202-628-3300
(FAX) 202-628-3306