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ODM-WFP emergency situation report on Latin America & the Caribbean 08 Jan 2003

Situation Report
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1. Central America
a) Significant Events:

The WFP Mission to review the nutritional situation in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua has been completed. The purpose was to provide a solid understanding of the malnutrition situation in the four countries, in particular that of young children and mothers. Results will support decisions for follow-up assessments and the type of appropriate response for WFP in the four countries.

2. El Salvador

Reporting Period: 12/23 to 12/30/2002

a) Significant Events:

All pending distributions and deliveries for 2002 have been completed. Distributions in the coffee crisis affected areas will resume in early January with both traditional and new partner NGOs.

b) Pipeline:

During the reporting period, a shipment of 1,730 MT of rice for the School Feeding Project arrived in the country.

3. Guatemala

Reporting Period: 12/09/2002 to 01/01/2003

a) Significant Events:

The coffee crisis continues to affect most parts of the country. It is foreseen that the most critical month will be February 2003, after the harvesting period.

A cold front during the month of December affected some municipalities of the province of San Marcos. WFP is assessing the damages.