El Salvador

El Salvador: Two years after the earthquake

by Cecilia Ceron and Rafael Navaez - Communications Manager and National Director
Two years ago, a severe earthquake caused damage, pain and death in El Salvador. Since the tragedy, many efforts have been undertaken to relieve the suffering of those who were affected by the deadly tremors.

World Vision's response started on Saturday, January 13, 2001 and continues to date. Most of the efforts in the last two years have been aimed at reconstruction.

With the support of local and international organizations, governments, the private sector, Christian churches and the contribution of many individual donors, it has been possible to invest $6,200 000 to benefit 30,000 people.

The initial response consisted of providing medical assistance, food, water, temporary shelters, clothes and kitchen utensils to the affected populations. Donations were also given to health facilities.

Psychological assistance was then provided for 2,700 boys, girls and adults that were affected by the earthquakes and the innumerable quantity of aftershocks following the disaster.

In the last year, efforts have been aimed at the construction of permanent housing, with the completion of 1,150 houses. Likewise, 260 families were supported with the reconstruction of their homes.

Gift-in-kind have also been given to four churches and fourteen humanitarian aid organizations. 107 micro-entrepreneurs have been granted loans for a total amount of around US$183,000 to contribute to the reconstruction of their small businesses.

During the reconstruction process, World Vision has continued to work in supporting community development at 16 micro regions of the country, benefiting approximately 400 communities with 40,000 children and 100,000 adults.

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