El Salvador

El Salvador: Direct Relief's programme activities update Mar 2003

News and Press Release
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Recipient: Fundacion Salvadorena (FUSAL)
Shipment Number: 3395
Shipment Date: 3/27/2003
Value: $560,377
The Salvadorian Foundation (FUSAL) and Direct Relief have collaborated on many occasions in our mutual efforts to serve the medically indigent population in El Salvador. FUSAL's warehouse, located in the capital city of San Salvador, distributes critically needed medicines and medical supplies to thousands of poor families through a network of urban and rural clinics. As a major exporter of coffee, El Salvador's economy has been particularly hard-hit due to weak world coffee prices and a series of natural disasters. These unfavorable conditions have resulted in high levels of unemployment, a lack of trained medical personnel, and a decreased availability of medical supplies and medicines, especially within the low-income sector. Direct Relief donated antibiotics, nutritional supplements, personal care products, hospital beds, sterilizers, and wheelchairs in support of FUSAL's on-going efforts to augment the quality of medical services for the people of El Salvador.

Recipient: AJWS Projects in El Salvador Shipment Number: 3441
Shipment Date: 3/31/2003
Value: $3,184

El Salvador is struggling financially and unable to adequately support its public health system due to lower market prices for coffee, the country's major export, combined with the economic setbacks from the 2001 earthquakes and Hurricane Mitch. The American Jewish World Service (AJWS), an international assistance organization located in New York City, sends volunteer teams of physicians and other health professionals to hospitals and clinics around the world. These health professionals provide primary medical care and health education to communities that would not otherwise have access to even the most basic healthcare services. Physicians from AJWS hand-carried Direct Relief's donation of analgesics, heart medications, children's multivitamins, iron and folic acid supplements for pregnant women, and other basic primary care medicines to project sites in rural El Salvador.