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Central America: InterAction members respond to the victims of Hurricane Stan

The InterAction members listed here are accepting contributions for assistance they or their affiliates are providing to those affected by Hurricane Stan.
InterAction has also developed guidelines on the most appropriate ways to help those affected by the hurricane.

InterAction is a coalition of more than 160 US-based private relief, international development and refugee assistance organizations. InterAction members have agreed to abide by a set of standards to ensure accountability to donors, professional competence and quality of service.

Details of InterAction Member Assistance

Action Against Hunger -- USA

(October 12, 05)

Action Against Hunger (ACF), which has been operational in Guatemala since 1998, responded immediately to Hurricane Stan with emergency water and sanitation programs and a rapid assessment of needs. With the support of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECI), Action Against Hunger has flown in 2 planes to Guatemala and El Salvador with 5 tons of water equipment for 30,000 people including 100 kilograms of water-treatment chemicals, four electric generators, and four water pumps. The National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction has appointed Action Against Hunger to lead the recovery efforts in San Marcos, Guatemala, where in addition to their water and sanitation programs ACF will distribute 3 tons of BP5 (a nutritional food ration) to the most isolated communities and coordinate shelters and community centers in the areas where food rations are being distributed. For more information, please see: www.actionagainsthunger.org/news/press/release=5Foct12=5F05.html

ADRA International

(Oct 10, 05)

ADRA is planning a response to aid those affected by severe flooding and landslides caused by Hurricane Stan in Central America. ADRA is responding to the needs of survivors, in Guatemala, Mexico, and El Salvador and is preparing to fund projects of at least $130,000 in relief aid for hurricane victims.

American Friends Service Committee

(Oct 12, 05)

Working through partner organizations in the region AFSC will help purchase sorely needed items for people in shelters, including food, water, latrines, blankets and medicine in areas of El Salvador and Guatemala. For more information, see http://www.afsc.org/hurricane/stan.php

American Jewish World Service

(Oct 12, 05)

Several AJWS grantee partners and communities with whom we have been working for many years have been severely affected. In addition to immediate emergency relief, such as water, food, shelter and medicine, AJWS will provide long-term rehabilitation and reconstruction for many years to come, including psychosocial support and rebuilding of homes, offices, water systems and agricultural systems and crops.

American Red Cross

(Oct 12, 05)

In response to recent flooding and volcanic activity in Central America and Mexico, the American Red Cross is providing four American Red Cross staff to assist the Salvadoran and Guatemalan Red Cross societies, two American Red Cross vehicles for Salvadoran Red Cross response activities related to this disaster, and financial support to the Mexican Red Cross for the purchase of relief items for distribution and restocking of depleted warehouses. American Red Cross is accepting International Disaster Welfare Inquiries for disaster-affected areas in Mexico and El Salvador. Cash contributions are being accepted. Assistance is provided in coordination with the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.


(Oct 11, 05)

AmeriCares has delivered more than 11,500 lbs of lifesaving relief supplies to Guatemala and El Salvador in the wake of Hurricane Stan. These shipments consist of critical medicines and hospital supplies such as antibiotics, respiratory medicines, nutritional supplements, IV sets and medical equipment as well as personal care items, diapers and flashlights. In addition, AmeriCares has provided emergency funds to help long-standing partners to quickly purchase blankets locally, as well as other relief supplies.

Baptist World Aid

(Oct 10, 05)

Baptist World Aid is working with and through Baptist Conventions and other Christian organisations in El Salvador and Guatemala, providing them with funds for immediate relief needs.

B'nai B'rith International

(Oct 12, 05)

B'nai B'rith International has opened its Disaster Relief to assist victims of flooding and mudslides in Guatemala. Working with our leadership in the region they are assisting with food and medical supplies for those who have been affected by this disaster.

Brother's Brother Foundation

(Oct 7, 05)

Brother's Brother Foundation has a 40 year history of work in Central America. BBF is sending four ocean going containers of requested medical supplies and pharmaceuticals. These containers will be sent the week of Oct.10, 2005, in cooperation with Food for the Poor and will go to El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua all countries affected by last weeks floods, landslides and volcanic eruptions. Brother's Brother Foundation is accepting in-kind donations of appropriate medical supplies and pharmaceuticals.


(Oct 12, 05)

CARE is meeting the immediate needs of displaced people in shelters, 25,000 in Guatemala and 15,000 in El Salvador. CARE is providing potable water, latrines and family emergency kits including hygiene items such as diapers, jars of baby food, soap, towels, toothpaste, washing powder, toilet paper and sanitary pads. CARE also has a strategy for immediate, medium and long-term recovery in both countries. For more information, please see: http://www.careusa.org/newsroom/articles/2005/10/20051007=5Felsalvador=5Fguate=5Fhurricane=5Fpr.asp

Catholic Relief Services

(Oct 11, 05)

In Guatemala, CRS has so far disbursed $20,000 through its local partners to feed and shelter victims, and expects to channel an additional $200,000 over the next ten days for immediate relief. CRS has also distributed several tons of food aid to victims in the isolated western highlands of the country. In El Salvador, CRS has disbursed over $140,000 in emergency aid, including $100,000 from USAID. CRS' local partner, Caritas, has distributed over 240 metric tons of food to 20,000 evacuees in shelters. In southern Mexico, CRS is providing $50,000 to its local partner Caritas Tapachula for immediate relief activities.

Christian Children's Fund

(Oct 12, 05)

Christian Children's Fund has launched emergency assistance in Guatemala and Mexico by providing clean water and basic supplies to meet the immediate needs of displaced children and families. In addition, two CCF program offices are being used as shelters for displaced families in Guatemala and one CCF office in Mexico. CCF has not been able to access 10 of 24 affected CCF communities in the southwest and southern coastal areas of Guatemala. Damage assessments continue in Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico.

Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC)

(Oct 10, 05)

The Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC), active in disaster response and international development since 1962, is present in Xela and Quetzaltenango where we are coordinating with Guatemalan organization Vid Y Pampanos to inititally provide food and medical aid. CRWRC is seeking $250,000 for this response.

Church World Service

(Oct 12, 05)

Church World Service is responding to Hurricane Stan through its long-time partner, the Conference of Evangelical Churches in Guatemala (CIEDEG). CWS is providing CIEDEG $392,790 in material assistance, including blankets; CWS "Gift of the Heart" Baby, School and Health Kits; sewing kits; and medical supplies.

Direct Relief International

(Oct 11, 05)

The organization has sent over 8,000 lbs of medicines and medical supplies with a wholesale value of $423,000 by emergency air freight to San Salvador health partner FUSAL (The Salvadoran Foundation). FUSAL has activated its emergency response teams for the storm disaster and is supplying a number of hospitals, clinics and shelters with specifically requested and needed products. Direct Relief is also sending emergency air shipments to partners in Guatemala who are operating shelter and emergency field clinics in the Lake Atitlan area, the most severely affected region of Guatemala. Direct Relief International is accepting gifts in kind, particularly medical -- please contact Anthoula Randopoulos

Episcopal Relief and Development

(Oct 11, 05)

Episcopal Relief and Development is providing emergency assistance to devastated communities in El Salvador and Guatemala affected by heavy rains and landslides caused by Hurricane Stan. ERD is partnering with the Anglican Church of El Salvador and the Asociación Mangle to provide emergency relief including food, medicine, shelter and other basic necessities for over 40,000 displaced people. ERD is working with the Diocese of Guatemala to supply immediate aid such as food, water and plastic sheeting for temporary housing to people affected by the floods in some of the hard-hit areas including Pixabaj, San Andrés Ixtapa and Casta Pastoral in Xela and Albergue.

Food for the Hungry

(Oct 11, 05)

Food for the Hungry's office in Guatemala is coordinating efforts with local partner organizations to distribute food, medicine and other critical supplies to survivors of the mudslides in the affected areas. Food for the Hungry is continuing to assess the region for additional ways to provide assistance.

Habitat for Humanity International

(Oct 12, 05)

Habitat for Humanity has strong national programs in Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador, the countries hardest hit by floods and mudslides resulting from Hurricane Stan. While assessments of the damage to Habitat homes and affiliates continue, the Habitat offices are assisting other organizations with immediate recovery efforts and putting plans in place for long-term reconstruction. Response activities may include activities such as cleaning and repairing houses that are still standing, building homes for those who lost everything, and acquiring land to build new communities for villages that were completely destroyed by mudslides. Habitat for Humanity is seeking funding to support the longer-term recovery and reconstruction.

International Relief Teams

(Oct 12, 05)

IRT is distributing emergency food rations to many thousands of people displaced, isolated and otherwise affected by the terrible flooding and mudslides caused by Hurricane Stan in Guatemala. IRT is evaluating the possibility of sending volunteer teams of medical personnel to provide care to survivors in some of the most remote areas that were affected by the flooding and mudslides.

Lutheran World Relief

(Oct 12, 05)

Through local partners in El Salvador, APSIES (Association for Community Health Care and Social Services) and FUNDE (National Foundation for Development), LWR is providing food, water, medicines, blankets and mattresses to more than 750 affected families in San Miguel department and in coffee growing regions near the Chaparrastique volcano, the Laguna de Olomega, the Lago de Coatepeque and the Lower Lempa river. Through partner, World Neighbors Guatemala, LWR is planning to assist 390 indigenous coffee producing families in the Lake Atitlán watershed, providing food, clothing, and medicines and supporting medical clinics and emergency shelters. LWR is reaching out to other partners in the region to expand its response.

Mercy Corps

(Oct 11, 05)

In response to Hurricane Stan, Mercy Corps is helping coordinate efforts between the Guatemalan Government and a consortium of international aid organizations, and is providing emergency relief supplies. In addition, Mercy Corps health staff deployed this week to hard-hit Huehuetenango. Mercy Corps has worked in Central America for 25 years; ongoing programs include training for disaster preparedness, improving health care, developing the capacity of local non-governmental organizations, and resolving long-standing land disputes in rural Guatemala.

Operation USA

(Oct 7, 05)

Operation USA is initially responding in El Salvador via the Salvadoran "Green Cross" providing supplies to people who've been dislocated by flooding; and, in Nicaragua through the American-Nicaraguan Foundation and the Provincial Health Authorities of Neuva Segovia Province in north central Nicaragua. Needs assessments are being done in both countries by local partners.

Project HOPE

(Oct 12, 05)

Project HOPE, which has worked in Guatemala continuously since 1976, is responding to the immediate needs by airlifting donated medical product requested by the Ministry of Health (MOH). Project HOPE is also working with its in-country staff, MOH, and other potential partners to identify longer-term opportunities to help in Guatemala's recovery efforts. Project HOPE is accepting in-kind donations of medicines & medical supplies (from manufacturers only).

Relief International

(Oct 11, 05)

Hours after the earthquake an emergency response team of 8 international experts arrived in Pakistan from RI's base in Southern Afghanistan. The team immediately began procurement and then distribution of emergency relief supplies to the affected families. RI is distributing Family Emergency Kits, including a tent, 4 blankets, food ration for 5 people for one week and a small heater w/fuel. RI has set up a regional base of operations and warehouse in Mansehra at the heart of the earthquake zone. Additionally, RI has partnered with local Pakistani charities to provide assistance in the areas most devastated by the disaster. RI will continue with the distribution of supplies in the coming weeks and months. In line with its mission of transition from relief to recovery RI aims to begin the task of reconstruction of earthquake-safe housing for millions that have been made homeless. RI is accepting in-kind donations of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.

Salvation Army World Service Office (SAWSO)

(Oct 11, 05)

Salvation Army is providing Shelter, food, water, blankets and counseling.

Save the Children USA

(Oct 11, 05)

Save the Children is assisting thousands of families forced from their homes in mountainous regions of El Salvador and Guatemala as a result of torrential rains, mudslides and floods caused by Hurricane Stan. The agency also is assisting families evacuated from their homes and now living in shelters due to recent volcanic activity from Santa Ana, the largest volcano in El Salvador.

SHARE Foundation: Building a New El Salvador Today

(Oct 11, 05)

SHARE has provided emergency relief, such as food, water and bedding, transporation and resettlement supplies, and physical and mental health needs to affected communities. SHARE is collaborating with local authorities, Salvadoran organizations, and international relief and development agencies to coordinate its efforts. Contributions will also support efforts to advocate that government policies promote emergency plans that prevent disasters from provoking widespread damages and loss of life.

United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)

(Oct 12, 05)

UMCOR, an international humanitarian relief and development agency, will supply emergency water and food, hygiene kits, and temporary shelter. Beneficiaries are in the villages of Panabaj, Mazatenanto, and others in Guatemala; and in remote villages of El Salvador affected by both mudslides and a volcanic eruption. UMCOR is accepting in-kind donations of hygiene kits.

U.S. Fund for UNICEF

(Oct 12, 05)

We have emergency appeals and are accepting donations for Hurricane Stan (Central America).

World Hope International

(Oct 12, 05)

World Hope is providing relief supplies and financial assistance to our partners in Guatemala. World Hope is accepting donations to provide assistance to victims.

World Vision, U.S.

(Oct 12, 05)

World Vision is distributing food and medicines to San Marcos, Chimaltenango, and Solola, Guatemala. A shipment of tarps, blankets, hygiene kits, water containers and water purification tablets is due for distribution in both Guatemala and El Salvador late in the week or early next week. World Vision is accepting in-kind contributions. For more information, please see: http://www.worldvision.org/donate.nsf/child/tawv=5Felsalvador=5F10072005?Open&lid=hurricanes=5Felsalvador&lpos=subf2

Press Contact:

Nasserie Carew, 202-667-8227 x141

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