WFP Egypt Country Brief, October 2021

Situation Report
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Operational Updates

  • By 31 October 2021, a total of 331,017 COVID cases and 18,651 deaths had been confirmed in Egypt (Worldometer Egypt).

  • WFP and the Ministry of Education and Technical Education continued to provide cash assistance (USD 11 per child) to about 27,000 families of community school children in 5 governorates to help increase food security of vulnerable families negatively affected by the pandemic.

  • The Ministry of Social Solidarity (MOSS), Takaful (solidarity) Foundation, and WFP delivered training on micro- enterprise management, lending, and marketing for over 600 women from villages under the ‘Decent Life’ national programme (in Minya, Assiut and Luxor). Over 400 of these women received further vocational training in various fields. Similarly, in collaboration with the Administration of Agriculture in Matrouh, WFP continued the delivery of vocational training to 120 women and men and 40 youths, to help increase their livelihood opportunities.

  • To economically empower vulnerable women, WFP in partnership with MOSS and non-governmental organizations provided over 800 women with revolving micro-loans for the launch or expansion of income- generating activities with a total value of USD 306,000.

  • Within the framework of the national youth development initiative ‘Your skill is your profession’, the Ministry of Manpower, WFP and Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa continued to deliver a training programme on hospitality. In October 20 trainees graduated from the programme. About half of the programmes’ graduates (40 trainees) are now employed in hotels in Sohag, Luxor and other areas.

  • WFP provided food assistance through cash (USD 25 each) to about 100,000 registered refugees from different nationalities to help secure their basic food needs.

  • As part of the ‘First 1,000 Days’ programme, WFP in collaboration with MOSS provided cash top ups (USD 13 per woman) to about 27,000 pregnant and lactating women registered under the national social protection programme, ‘Takaful and Karama’ (Solidarity and Dignity).

  • In partnership with MOSS, KfW and the National Nutrition Institute, WFP continued the training of trainers (TOT) programme under the national “First 1,000 Days” nutrition programme targeting MOSS community workers in Luxor. The training aims to develop the counselling and monitoring capacity of MOSS’s community workers to increase the nutrition and health awareness of assisted mothers of children under the age of 2 years.