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Update no 16: Humanitarian Situation in Libya and the Neighbouring Countries

Situation Report
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• The Humanitarian Coordinator for Libya visited Ras Djir at the Tunisian-Libyan border on 2 April. In a meeting with the humanitarian agencies in Choucha camp he raised concerns about several issues, including 1) the lack of reliable information from inside Libya, 2) the disruption of the health care system in Libya due to the massive flight of non-Libyan nurses and medical workers, and 3) the likelihood of a continuous steady flow of mixed migration out of Libya.

• An increased influx of Libyan families crossing into Egypt was observed by UNHCR staff at Saloum border. In the past days, up to 2,500 Libyans per day crossed into Egypt.

• On 31 March, the High Commissioner finalized his mission to Egypt together with UNHCR's Director for the Middle East and North Africa. In his meeting with the Egyptian Prime Minister the HC thanked Egypt for keeping its borders open to all those fleeing Libya at a time when Egypt is dealing with its own complex changes.

• An increasing number of wounded Libyans have been reported at border crossings in addition to several boat loads arriving with family members in Tunisia.