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Logistics Cluster North Africa operation situation report - 13 April 2011

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Six clusters were officially activated for Libya: Food Security, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Health/Nutrition, Logistics, Protection/Child Protection, Shelter/Non-Food Items, and Telecommunications.

Organizations continue to lack access to most of Western Libya including Tripoli.

Benghazi continues to be accessible by road from Egypt.

Benghazi airport authorities have reported that the airport is fully operational and can receive flights. The civilian radar is in working order and storage and handling facilities are available. The Transitional National Council (TNC) has advised that organisations wishing to bring in relief flights should contact the Humanitarian Committee of the TNC in Benghazi for advice and clearance.

The ports of Tobruq and Benghazi are fully functional with no reported damage to the equipment. They are operating 24/7. There is an urgent need for commercial liners to resume operations to these ports as this will facilitate humanitarian deliveries and enable commercial imports of basic items as well.

Tobruq airport appears to be functioning. Some cargo handling equipment was looted/destroyed but efforts are being made to replace it.

Currently there is sufficient commercial transporter capacity available in Benghazi and Tobruq.

Derna port appears to be in good condition, operates 24/7, but is small and is considered to have limited potential for large scale humanitarian cargo deliveries.

A number of ships have reached Misurata in the past week, including the WFP vessel described below.