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Libya, Egypt & Tunisia SitRep 51 External - May 12, 2011

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In Misurata, rebel forces are reported to have captured the airport after fierce fighting, giving full control of the city to the revolutionaries and prompting celebrations in the streets. With pro-Gaddafi forces pushed back from the airport, the western area of Misurata is reported to be out of range of most government heavy weaponry including Grad rockets and mortars. West of the city, rebel forces continue to push towards Zlitan.

Despite these gains, the city still remains isolated, with medical needs continuing to be urgently required. Ongoing medical supplies are needed and, as hospital beds are full with no room available for any additional casualties, there is an urgent need for medical evacuations and the provision of a field hospital. International Medical Corps is planning to address these urgent needs.

NATO airstrikes are reported to continue in Tripoli, with NATO reporting that targets are command and control government centers.

In the Nafusa Mountains area, heavy fighting is reported, particularly around Zintan and with Nalut under mortar attack yesterday. Rebel sources report that a road which Gaddafi forces use to send reinforcements to Yefren has been destroyed, thus blocking this access. Unconfirmed reports also indicate that a number of Gaddafi fighters were killed in this effort.

The area close to the Dehibat border came under renewed attack yesterday. At least six injured fighters (five rebels, 1 pro-Gaddafi) are reported from fighting around Rayana village. There are also reports indicating human right violations, including rape, are being committed in Al Ghazaya, near to the border, which was a previous rebel held town of, and is now held by Gaddafi forces. These reports are yet to be confirmed.

In the east, rebel forces continue in their effort to push towards Brega, with close and coordinated NATO air support.