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At the Dehibat border, there are reports of 200 Gaddafi force attack vehicles heading towards the rebel held border area. International Medical Corps medical team remains on standby at the Dehibat hospital to treat any casualties if fighting ensues.

Attacks continue in Misurata, with missile explosions occurring today at the port and airport areas. There are unconfirmed reports that this morning a helicopter, assumed to be operated by Gaddafi forces was spotted above the port. This was followed by another missile attack on the port and reports of the distribution of smaller explosive devices around the port, reportedly further sea mines, which were carried by the wind to land, resulting in three deaths at the port. These deaths have not been confirmed. Later in the day, however, the port was given the all clear.

According to IOM, 717,819 people have now fled Libya through the various borders since the unrest began.