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Fighting between pro-Gaddafi and rebel forces at the Dehibat-Wazin border again crossed into Tunisia, with shooting taking place in central Dehibat. Reports say that a Tunisian woman was killed in this fighting. Three pro-Gaddafi soldiers and one Libyan rebel were also reported to be killed in the border region fighting.

In Zintan, at least 20 rockets were fired into the city by Gaddafi forces today. NATO air strikes later hit Gaddafi's troops, stopping these attacks.

In Misurata, mines laid by Gaddafi troops in the waters rendered access to the port impossible, stopping humanitarian shipments. NATO forces stopped all ships from approaching Misurata as they continue sweeping for mines. In addition, the Gaddafi government has threatened to attack any ships arriving to the port, further hindering the provision of humanitarian aid to Misurata.
Fighting in Misurata continues, with battles for control of the airport in rebel-held Misurata.

Overnight attacks by rocket and mortar fire are reported to have killed at least nine people, including a baby, and wounded another 30.

In the east, Libyan rebels retain control of Ajdabiya, while government forces remain in Brega, signaling a possible stalemate in the ongoing conflict.