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In Misurata, rebel fighters drove Gaddafi forces to the edge of the city on Sunday, taking control of the area where the main hospital is located. Fierce fighting continues, however, with reports of random bombardments and civilian attacks with mortar fire, including two schools. Rebel sources report 36 killed and more than 100 wounded over the weekend. As casualties continue, there is a growing need to evacuate patients as health facilities are struggling to cope with the caseload.

Surgeons have described the situation in Misurata as “catastrophic,” with many dead and wounded daily. At one hospital in Misurata alone, available medical records and registration records indicate more than 4,000 wounded patients have been seen in the past 2 months, with 465 registered deaths. There have also been 500-600 amputations performed.

IOM has now evacuated 4,100 people from Misurata since they began the humanitarian evacuation programme on April 14. These have included migrant workers from 21 countries as well as wounded Libyans. Many migrants are weak after squatting in the port area with little access to food, clean water or medical care.

An estimated 1,500 migrants await evacuation in the Misurata port area.