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In Misurata, heavy fighting, including missiles attacks on the civilian population, is forcing many people to flee the city as opportunities provide, with a large number of third country nationals are still awaiting evacuation. Overall, the information received by International Medical Corps from Misurata does not reflect any improvement in needs, or the situation.

Today, the rebels have taken most of central Misurata, pushing Gaddafi troops to the outskirts of the city.

The Libya Deputy Foreign Minister announced that the Libyan Army will withdraw from Misurata and leave it to the tribes to deal with the situation, “either using force or negotiation”.

Following the rebel forces victory for control of the border post in Wazzin, rumours are circulating that more pro-Gaddafi forces may be on their way to attempt to re-take the town, however it is reported that no information supporting these rumours has been found.

There are reports on Libyan television of nine people killed overnight in NATO air strikes on Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte.

In Tunisia, a Qatari military aircraft carrying a medical team and supplies has reportedly arrived to build a field hospital near the Libyan border in the Al-Zahabiyah area.