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Egypt: Palestine Complex Emergency - Operation Update n° 1 (MDREG018)


Summary of major revisions made to emergency plan of action:

As a result of the seize fire in Gaza a few days after initiating the DREF, the ERC continued its response in receiving the injured people and their relatives for around one month. Where most of the cases had been treated in Gaza, just only the severe and life-threatening cases were transferred to hospitals in Egypt.

Following the assessment visit that took place after two days after the seize fire in Gaza, the Palestinian Ministry of Health highlighted that there are around 300 patients in critical health condition requiring transport to Egyptian hospital to continue their treatment. This significant change in the overall situation was reflected in the ERC's forecast for receiving more cases from Gaza. As a result, a small number of cases arrived and received assistance from the ERC.

ERC intends to extend the DREF operation by three months until 31 December 2021, bringing the total operation timeframe to seven months. This extension will allow the following:

• Finalize the procurement of all items requested for the DREF.
• Conduct an end-of-operation lessons learnt workshop.

Delays in implementation were caused by COVID-19 pandemic restriction measures, which hampered the arrival of procured items due to the port's irregular closure.