Egypt Launches New Counter Migrant Smuggling Project

Egypt - The Government of Egypt last week (09/02) launched the project Preventing and Responding to Irregular Migration in Egypt (PRIME) supported by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office in cooperation with IOM. PRIME responds to the Government of Egypt’s priorities in implementing its National Strategy on Combating Illegal Migration for 2016-2026 to address irregular migration in a comprehensive manner.

The project will strengthen the implementation of Egypt’s new Illegal Migration and Anti-Smuggling Law which sets out to prosecute smugglers while protecting the rights of migrants. In parallel, the Government will receive support to develop inclusive and rights-based policies to manage irregular migration.

In order to provide real alternatives to irregular migration, PRIME will also provide livelihood opportunities to Egyptian nationals. This will be underlined by community outreach activities to inform of the risks of irregular migration and positive alternatives in Egypt especially in 11 Egyptian governorates with high emigration rates.

The chairperson of the National Coordinating Committee on Preventing and Combating Illegal Migration and Trafficking in Persons (NCCPIM&TIP), Ambassador Naela Gabr said: “Egypt’s achievements in combatting illegal migration present a role model for other developing countries especially the African continent.”

Andrea Dabizzi, IOM Egypt’s Head of Migrant Assistance Division said, “The Egyptian Government has made important steps towards addressing irregular migration holistically. Apart from operationalizing the new ‘Anti-Smuggling and Illegal Migration Law’, it will be essential to give real livelihood opportunities to Egyptians to address the root causes of migration.”

For further information, please contact Andrea Dabizzi at IOM Egypt. Tel: +202-27365140, Email: